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The problem:

I want to run code until the user hits a key (I donít care which key). In old fashioned BASIC itís simple:
count! = 0 DO datain$ = INKEY$ count! = count! + 1 LOOP UNTIL LEN(datain$) > 0 PRINT count!
Running this for about a second results in half a million iterations. But I canít work out how to do the same thing in Perl.

I have tried:

One way:
use strict; use warnings; use diagnostics; my $count = 0; my $char; until (sysread STDIN, $char, 1) { $count++; } print $count;
Another way, based on Perl cookbook recipe 15.6:
use strict; use warnings; use diagnostics; use Term::ReadKey; my $count = 0; my $char; ReadMode('cbreak'); while ($char eq "") { $char = ReadKey(0); $count++; } print $count;
What happens:

Both respond in the same way. They sit until a key is pressed, and then return 1. I've only waited for up to five seconds, but even if I get multiple iterations by waiting longer, it's not nearly fast enough. I think what is happening is that the code is being optimised too far, but I would welcome clarification on this. I donít actually need the counter in the finished code Ė Iím trying to initialise a series of pseudo-random number generators, but that code isnít relevant to this particular part of the problem. The counter is just there to satisfy me that something is happening.

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John Davies