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Fellow Monasterians,

It seems like I've seen this done before, but I can't make this work now. I start by assigning a simple hash to a param (BTW, using CGI::Application). Later, I want to add another key-value pair to that param, so:

#EARLIER $self->param( 'sql' => \%sql ); #LATER $self->param( 'sql' => { 'page_id' => 45 } );

This, of course, clobbers the original param and I end up with just the new pair. I suppose I could grab all the pairs back into a hash and then add to it:

my %sql = %{ $self->param('sql') }; $sql{'page_id'} = 45; $self->param( 'sql' => \%sql );

But this seems a bit verbose. *Is* there a way to do this? What's the concept at work here? Thanks in advance.

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