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Greetings monks!

I'd like to upgrade my ActivePerl installation from v.5.8.8 to the new v. 5.10.

I hesitate though, because of the following "disclaimer" in the ActiveState Perl 5.10 release note

Perl 5.10 is not binary compatible with Perl 5.8. In particular, do not attempt to use extensions or PPM packages built for ActivePerl 800 series builds with ActivePerl 1000 series builds and vice versa. Please check Incompatible Changes in the perl5100delta manpage for known source level incompatibilities between the Perl 5.10 releases and the earlier releases in the Perl 5.8 series.

It's not quite clear to me, exacly what are the implications of this statement of incompatibility : does it mean that you can't use any installed PPM packages for v.5.8.8 with v.5.10 (that is: you have to start with a clean slate and reinstall all packages with new versions built for 5.10 ?).

I'd like to hear of any practial experiences of migrating from ActiveState ActivePerl v.5.8 to 5.10.

Best regards

Allan Dystrup

I found this node #658909 at PM (by randyk), which was helpful in locating perl 5.10 ppm's not supported by ActiveState. Thank's Randy!

If you're using the AS Perl dev kit you will be interested in this statement from the AS Website (I tried building a Perl 5.10 exe with the PDK 7.0, -- but it seems we'll have to wait for ver. 7.1 to be able to do this.):

PDK 7.0 supports both ActivePerl 5.6 and ActivePerl 5.8. Support for ActivePerl 5.10 will be provided in PDK 7.1 in early Q1 2008. As per our usual policy, this will be a free update for all PDK 7.0 users.