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Re^7: Does anybody write tests first?

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Feb 22, 2008 at 21:09 UTC ( #669644=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^6: Does anybody write tests first?
in thread Does anybody write tests first?

For the reasons given in {net information loss), I see no advantage to your script over:

my @modules = get_module_list(); foreach my $module ( @modules ) { require $module; }

Except that you might discover more than one missing/corrupted module. But, and a very significant one IMO, is that you sould lose the information that told you why the (first) module failed to load. Eg.

  • Module missing:
    Can't locate Non/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Perl/lib C:/Pe +rl/site/lib .) at BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at -e line 1.
  • Compilation error:
    syntax error at line 2, near ") {" Compilation failed in require at -e line 1. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at -e line 1.
  • Other(s)?

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