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Re: oh boy!

by ok (Beadle)
on Mar 27, 2001 at 02:37 UTC ( #67362=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to oh boy!

An example script to pull this data would be nice. Anyone up for the challenge?

Is that what the professor said?

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Re: Re: oh boy!
by qball (Beadle) on Mar 27, 2001 at 02:44 UTC's not's my example script...please help...

    #!/usr/bin/perl ##BILLING PROGRAM## use strict; my(@data,@data2); ##open needed files to use in program open(FILE, "../Counts/newdata.txt") or die "Can't open file: $!\n"; open(FILE2, "../Counts/info.csv") or die "Can't open file: $!\n"; ##throw files into arrays and define arrays chomp(@data = <FILE>); chomp(@data2 = <FILE2>); ##define hash my ($id,$name,$srid); my %keyhash = ( $id => { NAME => $name, SRID => $srid, CSV => [] } ); ##populate arrays: foreach ( @data ) { ##define variables my ($id,$name,$srid) = split /,/; # Add some error checking to make sure the # hash key $id does not already exist $keyhash{$id} = { NAME => $name, SRID => $srid, CSV => [], } } ##print unused ids from csv file print "\n\nUnused ids from csv file\n"; print "--------------------------\n"; foreach ( @data2 ) { my ($id,$name,$srid) = split /,/; # Warn and do nothing if a record is found for which the # $name is not already in %keyhash unless ( defined( $keyhash{$name} ) ) { warn "No such record $id!\n"; next; } push @{$keyhash{$id}{CSV}}, [ $name, $srid ]; } ##Finally, extract the number of records for each customer ##print column headers print "\n\n"; print "Customer #of docs\n"; print "-------------------------\n"; # A little something to get the plurality correct foreach ( keys %keyhash ) { my $num = @{$keyhash{$_}{CSV}}; printf "%s %d\n", $keyhash{$_}{NAME}, $num, } ##just formatting by adding a couple returns at the end of the printou +t print "\n\n"; ##my choice of data structures ( hashes instead of arrays ) is dependa +nt ##on how we want to use the data later. ##close files close (FILE); close (FILE2); ##exit program exit;

    Here it is. Thanks for beating me up :) ..

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