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Thanks again stvn,

You are too gracious, and too modest!

I see now exactly why builder was not doing what I needed.

Of course, if the attributes are not marked as 'lazy', then that insta +nce may not be built/initialized completely. My basic rule is that if + you want to use the value of another attribute in your 'default' or +'builder' then make that attribute 'lazy'.
Thanks so much for the clarification and help. I was uncomfortable using trigger for initialization although it served my immediate needs, and will switch to builder with the use of 'lazy'. Thanks for divining my needs.

My clients and I thank you for this very useful software. I just rewrote and cleaned up a module that was getting unwieldy. Moose does exaclty what good software should do; it allows me to work on higher order problems. And it makes for cleaner and more extensible software. It also allows for rapid development. I rewrote in a couple of mellow days what would have taken much longer and I have all the features that I need for rapid, reliable dev at my fingertips. Excellent work.

Also, thanks for the advice on overriding &new. Not an advantageous use of Moose.

One more question. Any advice on test driven development in Moose? Any preferred testing idioms? Any affordances or most optimal leveraging of Moose and testing idioms?