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An old love poem

by darobin (Monk)
on Mar 27, 2001 at 22:10 UTC ( #67567=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This one is old and quite cheesy, but I just came accross it and it was never posted here. I hesitated some but then I figured that there weren't taht many cheesy love poems in Perl, so I might just as well thow it in. I guess a few of the lines are ok. It doesn't do anything...

my @nais; package Your::Love; seek mine, sweetly,softly; open me; tell me or simply smile; use less words; use Symbol; no strict love; study me and sin 27*times if tied $you[$me]; bless \$bliss and dump 'the rain' until dawn; read my $lips, my $heart, my $self; require me while /all is sleeping/; accept(kiss,tenderness); send(love,lust,love); listen(heartbeat, my $breath); sub terranean { $feelings = shift, unshift all,me,you, splice you,me and pop; last long while exists $endless{us}; select me; tell me, write me; rename me,yours; #in a fury of love redo if not dawn; while (join robyn,@nais) { pack us tight and push @ll, the dark away; } continue { reverse us; sort us; kill us; } next fork, and reset; unlink us; split /a while/, then, return to me; "I am all yours"; } sleep well, and wait for time;

-- darobin

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