I guess this is a good poll idea - but first we need to gather all the options.

Stats show that Perl is not dead and has still strong presence everywhere. But I am sure that everyone noticed that it has lost the place in public imagination. It does not inspire people (as Ruby with RoR or PHP with Drupald and Mediawiki do) any more.

So what do you think can bring back the excitement into Perl?

Here is a list of things (that are very exciting to me personally) but which in my opinion will not be exciting outside of Perl community:

And what can do that? What are your types?

Update: And what really makes the mentioned Drupal and RoR libraries exciting? With Drupal non-programmers can set up a quite complex community site on their own, without hiring expensive programmers. Paradoxically this creates also a big market for PHP programmers who later are hired to add new features to the already working community sites. With RoR it is the other way around - it let's a lonely programmer create a nice looking web application without hiring designers. This independence in both cases is quite a breakthrough and creates excitement and buzz.

The question why we need buzz for Perl I'll leave unanswered for now.