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I'm the author of CAM::PDF. Even under the best circumstances, produces barely readable output. My module doesn't have a renderer, so the text extraction is a total hack that I tossed into the module for fun.

I'm quite pleased that other tools have produced good results! CAM::PDF (which I barely maintain anymore, I'm sorry to say) is optimized for high-performance, low-level editing of PDF documents.

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Re^2: Extracting text from PDF. No really
by clinton (Priest) on Mar 29, 2008 at 13:04 UTC
    Thanks for responding, Chris. You'd be interested to know (as I mentioned in the OP), that the question "how do I extract text from a PDF" comes up a lot, and that the standard answer is always CAM::PDF.

    After your response, it seems that there is no Perl module for reading/rendering PDFs, and that about the only reliable OOS way to do it is via pdftotext from either Xpdf or Poppler.