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I've been following developments with Perl 6 and have a big-picture, 10,000-foot-view type of question.

Recently the topic What can bring the excitement back to Perl? came up. Obviously, Perl 6 is generating alot of excitement in the community and is one of the answers to that question.

When creating a new technology, I think that it's important to be able to tell people why it's useful in a brief, compelling statement. If you can't,

  1. It may be an indication that you are going down the wrong path to begin with, and
  2. You're going to have trouble making converts.

So I'm curious what the brethren think, particularly those who have been following Perl 6 closely. If you were to make a short, compelling statement that would appeal to both Perl 5 users and the RoW (Rest of the World; e.g., the PHP/Python/Ruby/Java/C# etc. crowd) explaining the benefits of Perl 6, what would that statement be?

I'm not looking for a feature list, but rather something that is short, sweet, piques interest, and sways opinion. Something that answers the question, "Why change?"