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i can't seem to understand how to change strawberry's library path.

Since it doesn't give me an option where to install my strawberry, perl was automatically put under c:/strawberry/perl

the thing is since im using apache 2 and windowsxp, all my existing perl projects shebangs are under #!/usr/bin/perl so i tried moving strawberry perl's bin, lib and site folders into c:/usr folder.

then in my system's environmental variable :

INCLUDE = ;C:\strawberry\c\include;C:\usr\lib\CORE; LIB = ;C:\strawberry\c\lib;C:\usr\bin; PATH = C:\usr\bin; and even added this : PERL5LIB = C:\usr\site\lib;

Then in my C:\usr\lib\ file i changed the last section :

tie %Config, 'Config', { archlibexp => 'C:\\usr\\lib', archname => 'MSWin32-x86-multi-thread', cc => 'gcc', d_readlink => undef, d_symlink => undef, dlsrc => 'dl_win32.xs', dont_use_nlink => undef, exe_ext => '.exe', inc_version_list => '', intsize => '4', ldlibpthname => '', libpth => 'C:\\strawberry\\c\\lib', osname => 'MSWin32', osvers => '5.1', path_sep => ';', privlibexp => 'C:\\usr\\lib', scriptdir => 'C:\\usr\\bin', sitearchexp => 'C:\\usr\\site\\lib', sitelibexp => 'C:\\usr\\site\\lib', useithreads => 'define', usevendorprefix => undef, version => '5.10.0', };

but still..once i installed my module through cpan, my packages were included inside C:\strawberry\perl\site\lib\ instead.

how should i change this so that it'll auto install into C:\usr\lib\ ??