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Registering CPAN module namespace

by redhotpenguin (Deacon)
on May 02, 2008 at 04:22 UTC ( #684093=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
redhotpenguin has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:


A while ago I tried to register the CPAN module namespace RHP by filling out the form at I never got a response, although after some searching I saw that my submission made it onto the list and ADAMK had responded asking what RHP meant (Red Hot Penguin). I tried to send a response to including the message I found on the web archive, but never got a response.

So what's the deal with registering module namespaces? Is there a secret to getting on the list so I can respond to questions like that?

UPDATE - getting downvoted to oblivion here :) Sorry if I am posing a question that wastes people's time, but I did put in a fair amount of due diligence initially. Hopefully this post will help someone out in the future who had the same questions as myself.

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Re: Registering CPAN module namespace
by andreas1234567 (Vicar) on May 02, 2008 at 05:35 UTC
    You mean this post is yours? Like you said it got a response, which seemingly remains unanswered.

    From what I understand you wrote a variant of Time::HiRes and you want to call it RHP::Timer where RHP is what you call yourself on the internet. Naming a CPAN module after who wrote it both undescriptive and confusing. A little searching brought me here:

    2.5 Select a name for the module.

    This name should be as descriptive, accurate and complete as possible. Avoid any risk of ambiguity. Always try to use two or more whole words. Generally the name should reflect what is special about what the module does rather than how it does it.

    I suggest you spend some time finding a better name for your module, and then post again on How about Time::HiRes::Simple?
    No matter how great and destructive your problems may seem now, remember, you've probably only seen the tip of them. [1]

      I thought about using a subset of the Time::HiRes namespace, but at the time I wrote the module it was really for my specific needs and I wasn't sure if it was worthy of the Time::HiRes namespace :)

      I've seen arguments flare up before in cases like that (i.e. Tiny), so I decided to take what I thought was the safe route and give it a namespace indicating it was something built for my custom needs rather than general usage - figured that if it gained any traction I could always rename it under the T::H namespace.

        This sounds personal. I too have my own personal customized fluffy pillow code. I have a good bit of it, actually. Class, Class2, CLI, DEBUG, Dev...

        If I know in my little heart that the code is so specified, so me, so... That I just drop it under my own personal non registered namespace.
        I use my cpan handle as my top level namespace. And I don't ask to register the name with cpan. Having a personal, 'yourcode' module and registering the namespace on cpan is an oxymoron. The whole idea of putting stuff up there is so others can use it. If you have something 'you'- then others can't really directly use it, or wouldn't choose to, would they? That doesn't sound like module stuff, that sounds like script implementation level material- or config file realm.

        If you have customizations, maybe it should be controlled by a script or config file instead- to be worthy of a cpan namespace registration.

        I'm not entirely sure why brian d foy and others put up with people like me posting quasi-junk such as 'personal'-ish code.

        Maybe in hopes that it's actually helpful in other things we do that would very much be used by others.

        I use my CPANHANDLE:: modules in projects others may use. But I am not presumptive to imagine other developers would want to use my variations of Getopt::Std - ones that hard code that the option flag '-d' means debug is on.

        I think it's pretty safe to drop it under your cpan handle, who else would want to use an ugly ass namespace like LEOCHARRE:: to register stuff in. (PHRED actually sounds kinda coooool.. maybe I'll write a namespace suggestion module and name it PHRED, and register it on cpan.)

        (I hope you don't feel proprietary over the namespace, as in it should be signed by me, that would be childish. Just write your name twice in the AUTHOR pod section instead! :-)

        Hope some of that helps.

Re: Registering CPAN module namespace
by brian_d_foy (Abbot) on May 02, 2008 at 05:49 UTC

    As explained in About PAUSE, the is not a mailing list. You send messages to it by emailing

    I didn't find any follow up message from you. When did you send it and what was the subject line? Which email address did you send it from? Update I still don't see any followup from you in the link you post. I see the initial registration request and Adam's reply. Are you sure you sent a reply?

    The deal with registering namespaces is that you need to choose a namespace that is descriptive and tells the user what your module does. No one cares what your initials are; they care about what your module can do for them. :)

    brian d foy <>
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      Thanks for the feedback. The message in the archive is here. I sent a follow up message from fred at redhotpenguin dot com but never heard anything back.

      I was debating with myself at the time whether or not my contribution warranted the Time::HiRes::Something namespace, so I moved ahead with my own namespace since I was still flushing out what the module should do.

      I had seen author related namespaces used in more than a few cases (i.e. Stonehenge::Throttle, Gungho, Danga::Socket, etc.), so I figured it was better to get it out there and be wrong rather than not get it out there :)

Don't waste your time (Was: Registering CPAN module namespace)
by stvn (Monsignor) on May 02, 2008 at 15:47 UTC

    I may get downvoted for this, but so be it...

    Don't waste your time with module registration, it is pretty much made irrelevant now by (yes, the search sucks, but that is another issue entirely). It seems to me that the only reason for registering your module back in the day was so that it got into the "short list" and hopefully then would be more easily found. Nowadays it seems that is not very well monitored (no offense @guys_who_monitor_the_list, not saying your slacking, just that you have better stuff to do), and is really only useful if you want help finding a better name for your module.

    IMO one of the key reason for CPANs success is the fact there is no barrier for upload beyond needing to get a PAUSE account, and basically the anarchy works. Of course this means we also have lots of crap on CPAN, but so what, sometimes there is a gem buried in some of those lumps of crap. The assumption that if you put a kind of virtual bouncer at the door and have them pick and choose what is good and what is bad is just silly, that would only serve to make CPAN look like that persons idea of good code and discourage people who don't want to waste time arguing. If you want opinionated software, the Ruby On Rails guys down the hall will gladly serve you a big glass of kool-aid.

    So, assuming you put in a "fair amount of due diligence", then you should just upload your module to CPAN and bypass registration all together. Personally I have over 50 modules and none of them are registered, cause I would rather hack on code then send emails :)

    Anyway, enough perlmonks, time to go write code :)


      Not very well monitored? What's your standard for that? Almost everything is taken care of the same day. I take offense at you spreading FUD about this. I look at the list every day that I have net access, which is almost every day. Adam and Steffen take care of quite a bit of work, and Johan immediately takes care of all new Id requests.

      It's extremely well monitored. You are saying that we are slacking, and you do mean offense. Saying anything about it has nothing to do with the point you are making and you could have left it out. But you have some reason to take a swipe at us.

      So, what didn't we do for you that you think we should have done? What grudge do you have? Are you still mad about a two week delay in response for Tree::Simple from 2004? That was four years ago. Since then you've written to modules rarely and in in case received a prompt reply.

      Update: Indeed, is for dealing with PAUSE, fixing broken distros, and transferring module permissions. Any sort of other discussion is best taken elsewhere. That address isn't a mailing list, it's just a mail alias for all of the admins. If someone wants to discuss modules, they probably better off in, or even right here on Perlmonks.

      brian d foy <>
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        Sorry. Yes, you are 100% correct, the "Can I have a PAUSE ID" and "There is a problem with my PAUSE ID, please help" issues are handled right away, and you guys do an awesome job at that. And from skimming over the last 6 months or so of the list archives it seems that you in particular do quite a bit of responding to module registration requests and issues, so again, I apologize for imply that there is no one doing that, because clearly I am wrong. My choice of words was poor, and I apologize for that.

        What I really meant is that (despite what the name implies) is not a good forum for discussing module ideas and module naming help requests because it is pretty much only monitored by a small group of people and is not a "community hangout" (on the flip side, the archives have very few bike-shed-color suggestions, so maybe this is a good thing (hmm my foot is tasting better and better each time I put it in my mouth)).

        But yeah, your point is correct, I could have made my point without saying that (or the clarified version too actually).

        So, what didn't we do for you that you think we should have done? What grudge do you have? Are you still mad about a two week delay in response for Tree::Simple from 2004? That was four years ago. Since then you've written to modules rarely and in in case received a prompt reply.

        Wow, good memory, even I forgot that. It was not a grudge thing at all, I am simply trying to point out that registration was at one time very useful for CPAN, but now with being the primary gateway, seems to be less so.


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