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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been trying to add a data file to windows executable created with pp. The program cannot find the file unless it is in the same folder as .exe file as a separate file. The original .pl file expects the data file to be in the same directory as the script. It is in the archive, and I've tried placing it in /, /script, /lib. Nothing works. I can copy both the .exe file and the data file somewhere else and it does work but I want to not have to copy the data file, since it's already in the archive. I thought that the -a flag is for this purpose. I must be missing something here. test script named
#!/usr/bin/perl # OS is windows XP perl 5.8.8 build 820 open FH,"hello.txt" or die "$!\n"; while ( <FH> ) { print; }
I have a text file in the same directory as the script named hello.txt. I then want to make an executable using pp: >pp -a hello.txt -o test.exe This creates an executable, but unless a copy of hello.txt is in the same folder, it will not find it. The -a flag did put the hello.txt file in the archive, but the script can't find it. Any ideas?