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once again i am assulted by those who cannot or willnot
agree to disagree. i do not argue your choice of style is
wrong, i recognize it is merely different than mine. since
you do not agree that writing the most efficient code by
removing all unneeded processor instructions is a useful
practice i will not ask you for help in beginning work
on a new o/s. that's fine, it should not cause me to say
you are missing the point of being a good programmer. i
also never said it was the point, merely the method i
use to accomplish my goal of becoming the best coder
in the world. we all gotta have dreams don't we? i did
not say coming across problem that require ugly logic is
the mark of a hacker, i said not being afraid to use the
down and dirty answer, which is often NOT the obvious way,
is the mark of a hacker.

-everlasting gobstopper

"A computer is almost human - except that it does not blame its mistakes on another computer."