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Morning folks,
I'm currently using mod_perl, and thinking that chaining content headers is the way to go with this, but here is my dillema. (Besides my spelling errors..)

I need to run some stored procedures that take upwards of a minute to generate result sets. Ok, thats grand but I dont want the browser to sit there and twiddle.

I'd like to display an animated gif. Simple. Right? I hope.

I'm looking into stacked handlers in my mod_perl code, but I'm not sure if this is what I need. Is it something in Content-Disposition?

1) Push 'Waiting...' animated gif
2) Process report, Perl waits for result set
3) Perl pushes the report html to the browser as if it opened in a target = _blank window. IE: That same window...
Stumped (or rather -> RTFMing),

_14k4 - (