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Re: An interesting and poignant quote

by deprecated (Priest)
on Mar 31, 2001 at 09:27 UTC ( #68626=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to An interesting and poignant quote

Buenos Dias Mes Monkos!

I think one thing that everyone has neglected to add to this is that we're all hackers. We are people involved heavily in forwarding our culture.

I read this link a while ago, and I owe premchai21 for finding it for me. Hackerism is a gift culture. This means that we gain status through giving our stuff away. We cant quite give away our material goods online (though I've been trying), but we can provide knowledge encouragement and support.

We're all here because part of our ethos is to give. We're here because we're all hackers. Thats the glue that binds us together. On slashdot you have netizens. Here we have hackers. We want to give back. I am here because so many people have helped me out in the past. All I want is to be able to contribute something back to people.

I won't lie and say I'm not here for status. Thats the cool part about being a hacker. You gain status by giving. And, heck, I think that's what makes us so cool. If I do say so myself.

/me makes a big silly grin at his fellow monks

I'm glad to be a part of this little outfit.

brother dep.

Laziness, Impatience, Hubris, and Generosity.

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