G'day everyone,

A couple of years ago at OSDC I was playing around with some code to play minesweeper under Windows. It formed an interesting curiosity, and a fun lightning talk, but the code had so many dirty hacks and odd dependencies that it wasn't exactly portable.

Well, all that's changed. With the help of pp I've released App::SweeperBot, which includes a ready-to-use Windows executable, with no pre-existing Perl installation required at all.

Of course, the best way to see it in action is to go to and watch the video, which if nothing else should give you a good laugh. ;)

The code at the moment is still awful (read: big ball of spaghetti mixed with mud), the documentation is poor, the build process is fragile, and the image recognition code could be made at least an order of magnitude faster. But it does play a good game of minesweeper. ;)