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Re: Parrot? What is this parrot?

by AgentM (Curate)
on Apr 01, 2001 at 21:21 UTC ( #68850=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Parrot? What is this parrot?

You didn't catch on with the code snippet?
print dollar_underscore;
AgentM Systems nor Nasca Enterprises nor Bone::Easy nor Macperl is responsible for the comments made by AgentM. Remember, you can build any logical system with NOR.

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Re: Re: Parrot? What is this parrot?
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 02, 2001 at 06:52 UTC
    print dollar_underscore;

    How would you say that to someone? "print dollar underscore underscore.... no, spell it out... no, just the last underscore... no, you spell out the dollar too..."

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