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by khippy (Scribe)
on Apr 02, 2001 at 21:03 UTC ( [id://69062]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Killerhippy's homenode

I was born 1965 and in the picture above it is the standing one, who's me
The other guy is one of the most respectable human beings I have ever met, Carsten.
(I am enjoying each day I spend time with you!)

Here's my scratchpad, where you can find long forgotten topics I was interested in or the newest information about things I am interested in.
my scratchpad
Please don't mind, if it has currently no sense ;-)

If you like to experiment the submit button, ok, it's not my fault

I am convinced that Perlmonks are sensible, and so are
the submit buttons and, if even wired, they don't do any
harm but enrich this digital site with human humor at the c/b.
...apparently this site is a pricious humorous thing,
isn't it?

But hey, there is Kenny at the place, so let's say him a few words:

Kenny: "Mmmfmp pmfmppmmmfmmfmp fmpmfpmfffmm fmmfmfmmpppmmfffmp mmpfmffmpfmpppfppp mfffmm pfmfmfpffmpp mfpfmpppmpmf mmmpppmpm pmmfmffmmfmp pfmfmffmpfmm mmm mpffmfppppppffm ppmmppfmmfmmmmmmfmmpp fmpppf fmpmfpmpp mmfmfpmmmfmpfmpmpppffmmpppffpf, fmmppf, mpmppfppp'fmp ppmmffpppmpm pfmpffmppfmmfmmmffpppmfm fmpmfpmmmfmp mmpfmffmpfmpppfppp, mmpfmffmp mmpmpp mmmfppmmmpffmpp ppfmpf mpmmmmpffpmp mmfppfmpmmpp ppfppp ppffmpmfpmpppff mfpppfppmmpp pppppfmpmmppfmm, mmfmfpmppmmfpmp fmpmfpmpp fmmppffmfpffmmfmpp, Pmffmfpmpmpp!"

Well, thank you Kenny!

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