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I'm anticipating very few customers with very many recurrence rules.

Well in that case why bother? It hardly matters what approach you take if you're not planning for lots of users. Surely your server has the power to compute tons of calender data for just a few users.

Aside from that, what you're saying almost makes sense... But I have a nagging sense that the case you're presenting isn't actually possible. So much work that your server can't do it, but so little work that you should hand it off to some Javascript to run on the client. I just can't imagine when that would be the case, but perhaps I'm getting too used to having really beefy servers.

When I think of client processing power I picture my parent's last PC - an Athlon 1800 with 256MB of RAM being slowly choked to death by XP and a collection of useless desktop widgets. The disk was chugging basically constantly during web browsing. Let's just say there wasn't a lot of spare power left for unnecessary Javascript!