OSCON is next week. I'm going but will only be there for a short time. Part of the point of going is to meet other Monks I have not yet met.

So, if you are going to OSCON and would like, in particular, to meet other Monks, then please reply here with details.

I will be in Portland from Tuesday evening through early afternoon Wednesday (22nd-23rd). It would be nice if Wednesday lunch could be a PerlMonks BoF. I've mentioned that at (the BoF page on the OSCON wiki) but I mostly just linked to this node as a wiki is not a great medium for a multi-person discussion. As decisions are finalized, the wiki can be updated.

It appears that there is a food court at the conference site. Nearby are Subway, Denny's, Red Robin, Burgerville USA, and J Cafe. It'd be nice to eat at a place that makes conversation easy. Those who have been to OSCON before please offer your insights.

Of course, feel free to use this thread to work out arrangements for meetings at times other than during the short window when I will be there. :)

- tye