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Juerd, the overlooked (ORMs, Webapps)

by metaperl (Curate)
on Jul 31, 2008 at 13:31 UTC ( #701415=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Juerd is a talented and energetic Perl developer. He's also somewhat unknown and under-rated.

I feel immune to orm fever

I've been using ORMs and watching ORM fever way before Class::DBI. There was a BingoX::Carbon. And Matthew Simon Ryan Cavaletto has always been trailblazer in the ORM world with his DBIx::DBO2.

But I guess I dont see so much advantage in it. I can see how Dave with his HTML::Mason orientation would like to embed Perl in his mason components and get his database work done that way. But I'm a HTML::Seamstress guy. I separate things. And I like to think in SQL.

And Juerd has had the perfect product for a long time for us SQL-oriented Perl database guys - DBIx::Simple. It's simple, straightforward and a pleasure to use.

inlining perl in html

Juerd also authored a simple but attractive solution for this. I dont do things that way, but if I did, I again would reach for a fairly unknown product - PLP.

M-x all-hail-juerd

He's a great guy, provides free hosting for Perl6 development. Puts lots of time into free help on the EFNet Perl IRC channel. All around class act. Check out his software.

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Re: Juerd, the overlooked (ORMs, Webapps)
by jettero (Monsignor) on Jul 31, 2008 at 13:57 UTC
    I enjoyed your article, but ... in the synopsis of DBIx::Simple I was rather shocked to find $db->member_name = 2 ... what? I then browsed the code and found this:
    sub package::member_name : lvalue { $_->[0]{property_name} }

    I had no idea you could do that. No comment on your actual article, I just thought that was really neat. I wonder what else I'm missing.

    UPDATE: the argv and sigil ones I did know... But I'm sure there's many others I don't. There should be a thread on Weird Crap about Perl You Don't Yet Know...


      Again wandering off into off-topic land
      I wonder what else I'm missing.
      I guess you never stop discovering stuff in Perl. After a few years of perl programming I always discover something new. I didn't know that ARGV was magic, for example, or that you could actually insert a space after the sigil and the name of a variable:
      $ perl -wle 'my $ x = 3; print $ x' 3

      I think that Perl is like one of these really old and huge castles (think Hogwarts), where you discover a shortcut or a secret trap door every now and then if you explore its corners (or watch Fred and George strolling around, to stay at Hogwarts).

      Of course there are maps, but they are sometimes a bit boring to read when you don't have a good reason to do so (and after all you can reach your goal with the "normal" ways usually), and not everybody likes to sit in the libraries for hours ;-)

        that you could actually insert a space after the sigil and the name of a variable
        ... I think that Perl is like one of these really old and huge castles (think Hogwarts)

        Whitespace? castle? reminds me immediately of the famous interview to Abigail...


        _($_=" "x(1<<5)."?\n".q·/)Oo.  G°\        /
                                      /\_¯/(q    /
        ----------------------------  \__(m.====·.(_("always off the crowd"))."·
        ");sub _{s./.($e="'Itrs `mnsgdq Gdbj O`qkdq")=~y/"-y/#-z/;$e.e && print}
        I didn't know that ARGV was magic
        I knew ARGV was magical, but it was only recently that I found out just how magical it was.

        Just one of the reasons I love Perl!

      Since perlsub says that lvalue subs are still experimental, I wouldn't recommend writing an interface like that, if you have a choice.

        Experimental like "(?{ code })" or experimental like pseudo-hashes? That's the question.


Re: Juerd, the overlooked (ORMs, Webapps)
by Juerd (Abbot) on Aug 01, 2008 at 13:11 UTC

    Heh, thanks. That's so flattering, it's scary.

    Overlooked, however, I'm not, judging by the amount of Perl related email I get almost every day :)

      Well, here's another cheer for DBIx::Simple.


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