Juerd is a talented and energetic Perl developer. He's also somewhat unknown and under-rated.

I feel immune to orm fever

I've been using ORMs and watching ORM fever way before Class::DBI. There was a BingoX::Carbon. And Matthew Simon Ryan Cavaletto has always been trailblazer in the ORM world with his DBIx::DBO2.

But I guess I dont see so much advantage in it. I can see how Dave with his HTML::Mason orientation would like to embed Perl in his mason components and get his database work done that way. But I'm a HTML::Seamstress guy. I separate things. And I like to think in SQL.

And Juerd has had the perfect product for a long time for us SQL-oriented Perl database guys - DBIx::Simple. It's simple, straightforward and a pleasure to use.

inlining perl in html

Juerd also authored a simple but attractive solution for this. I dont do things that way, but if I did, I again would reach for a fairly unknown product - PLP.

M-x all-hail-juerd

He's a great guy, provides free hosting for Perl6 development. Puts lots of time into free help on the EFNet Perl IRC channel. All around class act. Check out his software.