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There's a nasty bug in the latest development version of Test::Differences. By applying a patch which allows this to pass (it currently won't):

  eq_or_diff { foo => 1 }, { foo => '1' };

It also allows this to pass:

  eq_or_diff [ { foo => 1 } ], { foo => '1' };

Ow, ow, ow. This is terrible. Fortunately, that's what development versions are for.

I'm thinking about rewriting Test::Differences to use &Test::More::is_deeply for the test and only diff if there are differences. Currently it uses Data::Dumper or its own internal flattening and and compares the string outputs.

There are two side-effects I can think of. First, the string/numeric value comparison will work correctly. Second, the 'Array of HashRef' diff output will change dramatically. There's an internal hack which assumes an AoH is a table (likely pulled from DBI, I assume), and this:

eq_or_diff [ { name => 'Bob', id => 1 } ], [ { name => 'Bob', id => 2 } ], 'aoh';

Generates this:

# Failed test 'aoh' # at eq_or_diff.t line 13. # +----+---------+----------+ # | Elt|Got |Expected | # +----+---------+----------+ # | 0|id,name |id,name | # * 1|1,Bob |2,Bob * # +----+---------+----------+

I find this much harder to read, but others may appreciate the hash keys being pulled out as headers.

Does anyone object to me breaking this? Are there any problems that I haven't thought of? (There usually are).