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Hi, I've been trying to use Business::ISSN to recognize issns. The problem is that this module doesn't do what it's man page says. Here is an except from the man page :

#EXPORTABLE FUNCTIONS use Business::ISSN qw( is_valid_checksum ); #verify the checksum if( is_valid_checksum(’01234567’) ) { ... }
You can clearly see that is exports is_valid_checksum. However, when I try to use this module like this:

use Business::ISSN qw(is_valid_checksum); my $issn = '0742-4477'; print "Valid = " . is_valid_checksum($issn);
It bombs out with this:

"is_valid_checksum" is not exported by the Business::ISSN module Can't continue after import errors at line 1 BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 1.

Any ideas as to why I can't import this function? Just so you know, the object-oriented way of using this module doesn't work either. Same jazz with finding 'new'. Has anybody seen anything like this before, or is it just a documentation error?

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