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Re: Registering your nick on other sites

by bobione (Pilgrim)
on Apr 07, 2001 at 14:09 UTC ( #70704=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Registering your nick on other sites

Your question is interesting and it's good to ask Monks if they are agree...
I am not.

I understand that old Monks with big experience have a reputation and don't want to be "hacked" by another evil Troll but I'm not sure that it's the way of "Open Internet". Usually, nicks are originals and can't be easily used by someone else without evil intentions. If your nick is use by someone else it's because it's an usual one (like surname or small one). I don't think lot's of people have bad intentions (I am a good Monk).

If you would have a mass-register, you probably don't use more than half sites where you will be reg on. My name is Antoine, as lot's of people in France. And I would be happy, if one day I need to reg on a site with my surname, that another people didn't mass-reg on 10/15 or more sites and use only ONE.
The best exemple is for email adresse : imagine you mass reg your email and now you've got,,, You don't need all this email adresses and you don't need all this nicks for all the perl sites...

On each site, I take a different nick if it still in use. It's a kind of anonymity...
That right, I usually give my email, you can know my IP, but you don't really know who I am. If I want to be identified, I give you my ID papers and my social key ID...

Well... I have thied to explain my feellings, I was not really clear but I hope everyone understand what I mean. I am not complettly against mass-registration but I give you some bad points for me.
Excuse me for my not perfect english.

BoBiOne KenoBi ;)

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