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by LanX (Bishop)
on Sep 03, 2008 at 12:42 UTC ( #708739=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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sunblocker for Eily:

original idea here: Re: Blocking users

/* sundialsvc4 */ .node-from-647953, /* Newest nodes */ #id-397425 .nnt-auth-647953 /* RAT */ // others to follow { display: none; };

older stuff

Find missing lines

select N.*,C.* from t_tm1_export_import_view_copy AS C left join t_tm1_export_import_view_neu AS N ON C.f_transferID = N.f_transferID AND C.f_dim = N.f_dim AND C.f_elementNr = N.f_elementNr where N.f_dim is NULL

Headlines in the monastery

head 1

head 2

head 3

head 4

head 5

head 6

Things I miss in Perl5

In kind of descending order my wish list.

(brainstormed example code is just sketched and not tested)

Function Signatures

sub ($a,$b,$c) { }

optimally with

  • default settings,
  • named args
  • validation


use method syntax to apply builtins

$string->match(/x/); $aref->grep B{ };

A REPL in core (allowing lexicals)

Seriously it's so much easier to test and experiment in a REPL

Built-in aliasing for lexicals

*a=$b only works with package-vars

A simple "in" operator

~~ is too confusing

if ($a in @a) { }; $a in 1..1000 # but lazy

Gather/Take to create iterators like in Perl6 or like Python generators

Multiple loop variables

for my [$a,$b,$c] (@list) { }

like  while (my ($a,$b,$c) = splice @list,0,3) {} but not destrcutive.

A shorter block syntax

sub to pass lamdas as argument w/o prototype at any position is too long

(approach ruby in brevity)

maybe  func 1,2,3, B{ $a + $b }

A more modular inner structure / documentation

builtins length and special vars could be attributes of a class string

perlfunc is too long!!!

Optional types in declaration

it's already possible to type at declaration my $a int but it's ignored.

This could be used for optimization of inner loops.


sub bla { doc "this function blas"; return "bla" } print &bla->doc();

Easier introspection in general

seriously playing around with typeglobs and stashes is no fun, a simpler interface could be so easy

%main::->grep B{ /_test$/ and isARRAY }; print map { $_->sig() . "\n" . $_->doc() } grep2 {isCODE} %main::

preview page

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