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by gctaylor1 (Hermit)
on Sep 08, 2008 at 18:09 UTC ( [id://709825]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Well, I guess this is the place to put information about yourself you want shared. I'm still deciding really how much of my anonymity I want to let go of.
In this day and age where it seems normal for folks to blog and twitter (and probably other things I'm unaware of) about everything they're doing... I ask myself if I'm missing the point or are the twitterers and bloggers over sharing?
Maybe by participating in small doses (PM is the first) I'll glean some insight in to myself as to whether this reluctance to post data about myself is justified. But how will I know the impact?

I've been working on Perl since the fall of 2008. My goals are simple for now. I've wanted to learn a programming language for many years but other things got in the way. I dabbled in C, Java, Bash, Expect, and a little JCL, but didn't stick with any of them long enough to really get it. I'm hoping Perl is different. Why do I want to learn Perl?

In no particular order:

  • Ifwhen I need to look for work again, a Sys Admin job is the direction I want to go.
  • It's universal.
  • It's useful.
  • People have said it's easier than traditional languages.
  • I want to learn to think like a programmer.
  • I need a hobby.
  • I like learning.
That's it.

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