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OK, one shot at this:

The loud public whining that goes on when people get voted down not only gets *old*, it drags the quality down. No doubt as this node here is fixing to do. And on top of it, we'll have to listen to 88 different users explain why we should change the voting system. Again.

Take it as you will, this is not intended to be a personal attack. You're a very smart person. You write good Perl code, and have a good knowledge base. Just *ignore* the personal attacks. They don't mean crap. For every one user that doesn't like you, there are a hundred you've helped, and made happy. Hell, if I retaliated against every person that pissed me off, I'd be spending my entire paycheck on ammunition. You've got enough issues to deal with already, without worry about a few -- votes, be the reason for them valid or not.

End of rant.


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