in reply to push_handler and status page question.

I think this is how I'm going to solve this issue. Once I get some time to get back to it again.

Setup a table in a DB.
Fork off the process like I was originally going to.
The result set is stored in the DB. Or, a ref to it. Or something similar.
The script is sent an ID. Which is the KEY value to the DB the result sets are stored in.
First thing the script does is check for data in the result_set column, based apon the sent key.

Yes data, then the result set must be done. So spit_out_html();
No data, then the result set must not be done. Refresh and try again.
No Key. When it was never created. Go fork and create the key and refresh to wait for a result set.
Sound like a plan? We'll see what happens. I'll keep everybody updated on my solution.
Thank you for all the advice as well. Its been a big help.

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