vote on I joined PerlMonks because I wanted to learn about Perl, but now I stay because...

I want to learn about Perl
[bar] 181/40%
I like to teach people about Perl
[bar] 21/5%
I found a case of the most excellent red in the cellar, and I ain't leaving till it's empty (hic!)
[bar] 20/4%
I'm a member of the Illuminati, and I know where you live!
[bar] 26/6%
It's a great pick-up joint
[bar] 17/4%
I haven't got my pony yet!
[bar] 33/7%
I dropped my car keys somewhere and I can't find them
[bar] 19/4%
I'm addicted to the ChatterBox
[bar] 11/2%
I've become an XP whore
[bar] 51/11%
I'm waiting for paco's next question
[bar] 50/11%
[bar] 25/6%
454 total votes

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