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I'm still at the CGI end at the moment. Want to move onto mod_perl soon though

I've used CGI::FormBuilder combined with TT2 successfully. You could look at HTML::Template as well.

I attempt to separate content from markup from style from processing and use stylesheets for style, TT2 to display content and markup and CGI::FormBuilder to specify and process the content where applicable.

Not sure where that is in the MVC world - not sure I have got *there* yet - but I'll agree the mojolicious site has some prettiness to it. However, there is no reason why a site can't be pretty when the processing is done with Perl. After all, the styling is in the CSS not the CGI.

I think it is more of an attitude about what a site *should* look like and also audience attitude. My first impression of mojolicious is that of dumbing-down - not saying the site does that by any means - just that is my first impression. That is my personal reaction to mojolicious genre of styling out there but then I came to interpret a different style of site as informative.