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by matze77 (Friar)
on Nov 26, 2008 at 21:23 UTC ( #726232=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Beginners Corner:
Resources to get help in Perl by szabgab

Common Beginner Mistakes
Little annoying mistakes ... of others
Perl on Windows
Todo: Sort my homenode;-)

Found a way to automate 3rd party install packages / setup routines (not documented) on windows (like the s‎crip‎tit tool in former days) if you know something please drop me a messages ... Win32::GuiTest, autoit

arrays, lists etc:
Shift, Pop, Unshift and Push with Impunity!

So far only german:

Linux freak

XP is only a number

1st Happy Monkday 26.11.2009
LVL 7 Monk: 22.01.09
XP History, got lvl6 Scribe: 17.12.08
XP whore
Experience: just enough to know I know not enough
Name: Matthias
Age-Group: 1977
Job: (mainly Windows) sysadmin. (as of 2009-03)
Hobbies: Linux admin. Playing around with my Postfix Mailserver.
Soccer. Computer games ;-).
Reading. Fantasy Books (Raymond E. Feist, Tolkien)
Goals: Learning, understanding Perl.
Goals: Hope to understand Spamassassin better with some Perl experience.
converting some simple Bash S‎crip‎ts to Perl. Use Perl in a sysadmin environment
Becoming a Perl Monk ofc :-) Not becoming a XP Whore.
module caching in mod_perl
Write a review to: Win32::Security::

Formatting, nodelets etc i want it on my start page:
What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?
Writeup Formatting Tips
The strictures, according to Seuss
Re: Real Life Perl Exercises
Re: Kill [me] (Free Note Taker) How do you Map & Disconnect Network Drives (in Windows)? interesting nodes: to delete a set of specific lines in a file I have been away from perl for a long time. Need suggestions for getting back in the game! A bio of my Perl life. Swallowing an elephant in 10 easy steps Common Beginner Mistakes [id://] Re: Acme::Don't my public scratchpad is populated, or polluted:
matze77's scratchpad

Odd or even or even odd?:-):
Terse Code for Odd Numbers
Found new online Regex tool
Some Perl Ressources:

Dominus higher Order Perl book, available for download now:
"Higher-Order Perl" now available for free download

Perl Community Calendar: Perl Newbie Mailing List
Perl-Fun: props Devel::Modlist S‎crip‎ts:‎crip‎ts/

Vim Plugin from perlmonk:

Some Monks i met (at Frankfurt/Germany): szabgab

File Related:
Re: Returning sub directories Other monks homenodes i find worth looking:
moritz GrandFather Hue-Bond ybiC Corion belg4mit Jeffrey Kegler Intrepid Lady_Aleena cog cosmicperl lakshmananindia $code or die DigitalKitty Milamber targetsmart [id://]
My 1st book review:
Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours

These are only for fast copy n paste: [id://] []

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