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I'm trying to install a module from cpan and it's failing. Being the newbie that I am I'd normally forget it and just wait a few months as there are plenty of other things to learn. But I'm trying to be helpful and get involved so after doing some research decided to install cpanplus in order to send a test report.
After the install failure I'm getting this error message when it attempts to send the email.

Would you like to edit the test report? [Y/n]: n [ERROR] Could not send 'fail' report for 'Parse-ErrorString-Perl-0.09' +: Test::Reporter: error from 'Test::Reporter::Transport::Net::SMTP:' Net::SMTP: Could not resolve

The address it can't resolve is the local machine name, which does resolve via ping only on my local network. Is Net::SMTP expecting a real DNS resolvable mail address? Any suggestions for how to fix this?