It saddens me greatly to have to report that our dear friend blazar passed away, apparently on December 28, 2008.

After just receiving an email (I think from his parents) with news about the funeral, I found the following at

Blazar RIP Oggi Pollicinor è silenzioso e listato a lutto: è morto Michele Dondi, per gli amici Blazar. Michele era uno dei primi autori di tumblelog in Italia, in termini temporali e di impegno: lo abbiamo conosciuto mentre manifestava genialità e irriverenza, curiosità e riconoscenza. Ora mi manca, ci manca. Qualcuno dice che è “strano” quando un blogger, specie così giovane, viene a mancare. Oggi non è “strano”. Oggi è semplicemente orribile.

If anyone can translate this to English (my Italian is not so good), please add the translation as a comment here.

(Update:  I was hoping for the more precise wording of a human translation, rather than a web translation.)

He and I had corresponded for some time, and I very much enjoyed his intelligence and his humor, as I'm sure many other monks did.  He was always optimistic and cheerful, and provided me with invaluable insights, both about Perl and life.

I will miss him a lot.