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Oh, and I've been very busy with the Libertarian Party lately. I'm the chair of the Bucks County Libertarian Party. It's been an education.

Then there's that whole having two kids under 3 and working on a novel thing.

I've been very busy working for StarCite. I was supposed to be an architect but I've somehow gotten the job of release manager as well. It's been fun, but very hectic. We've been using CruiseControl.Net and NAnt to do our builds, but I'm hoping to start incorporating Perl into the process as well. It's been far too long.

As of my last Myers-Briggs Test, I am an INTP, though the I/E split and the T/F split are on the slimest of margins. Learn more here.

How I Came To Discover Perl

The very first language I learned was HTML 3.0, and quickly I moved in JavaS‎crip‎t. I was totally jazzed on the Web, but only familiar with it on a local computer, and didn't do much on servers. Deciding that a career change was in order I went to a technical school for programming and learned COBOL, RPG-400, and VB5. On the strength of my VB skills, and my absolute refusal to work on COBOL, I got a job with a local consulting firm and I was thrust quickly into some ASP work.

ASP seemed perfect to me, the web and 'real' (please stop snickering, I was young) programming combined. And as I sat happily coding my ASP pages I wondered why no one had done this before, when it smacked it across the face. They had. Perl was doing this long before ASP was a stray thought fluttering across the Microsoft collective.

I had no idea how I knew that, or how I had even grasped that Perl was being used for that, but I knew it was, and more importantly I knew that Perl was where I wanted to be.

That very night I swung by Borders and bought the Camel Book. I quickly found Perlmonks and have been here ever since.

And I haven't looked back at ASP since either.

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