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Re: Perl Development Tools

by Anonymous Monk
on Feb 02, 2009 at 23:46 UTC ( [id://740851]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl Development Tools

Here is the summary feature details for the Zeus IDE:

  • Name: Zeus
  • Perl exclusive: no
  • Free: no (Shareware)
  • Perl engine: any
  • Syntax checking: yes (thru tools)
  • Syntax coloring: yes
  • Auto indent: yes
  • Incremental search: yes
  • Bracket matching: yes
  • Folding: yes
  • Debugger: yes (thru gdb)
  • Stepping: yes
  • Breakpoints: yes
  • Watches: no
  • Bookmarks: yes
  • Suggest & complete: yes (ctags info)
  • Identify errors: yes
  • Interactive Shell: no
  • Code Snippets: yes (templates)
  • Var tree: no
  • Var evalution: no
  • Stack module: no
  • Code browser: yes (ctags info)
  • Project: yes
  • Control version: yes
  • Multi document: yes
  • Split View: yes
  • IME: no
  • Docs & Help viewer: yes
  • Module installer: yes
  • WEB: no
  • FTP: yes
  • HTML export: no
  • Linux: no
  • Mac OS X: no
  • Solaris: no
  • Windows: yes

Cheers Jussi

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