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I can understand you are being objective. Have you read:- Perl must Decentralize, Diversify and Colonize
What I'm talking about is very much in that vein.

Some people don't want this site changed in anyway. There is no way to please everyone. I've helped sites with patches and redesigns in the past. Some times it's really can well received and well appreciated, other times it's a lot of time effort for something that never gets used. In a long standing site like this there are always a lot of politics to get through. Updating this site really isn't an option.

Recently I saw people on LPM offer to update to help make Perl look more modern and alive. The offer was rejected. I myself have offered to update pages on main Perl sites that have clear HTML errors and look very dated, my offers have been rejected.

Don't think that I haven't looked at improving what is there already. That's an obvious first step. But when you've tried these things and you know what happens, then the experience lets you know it's a lot easier and more productive to start something new.

As I said in another reply the aim isn't to take helpers from PM, or any of the mailing lists. It's to create new helpers out of the people in the middle. Provide a new gateway into Perl, and new newbies.