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I'm trying to read windows EventLog:
$evHandle->Read(EVENTLOG_FORWARDS_READ|EVENTLOG_SEQUENTIAL_READ,0,$hr) ||die; use Data::Dumper;say Dumper($hr); Win32::EventLog::GetMessageText($hr);# Try to decode the # message text? print "Computer:".$hr->{Computer}." Source:".$hr->{Source}"; print " TS:".scalar(gmtime($hr->{TimeGenerated})); print " Category:".$hr->{Category}; print " EventType:".$hr->{EventType}." TXT:".$hr->{Message};
and for some messages this works fine, but some come up empty: "System Computer:LUBSS056 Source:Server Agents TS:Thu Apr 10 14:00:44 2008 Category:1 EventType:4 TXT:."

As far as I know, this might happen if I'm reading the EventLog remotely, and I don't have access to EventLog decoding dlls on my machine, but since I'm reading locally, I believe this shouldn't happen.