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Has anyone used wxGlade or wxDesigner to generate code

by Steve_BZ (Chaplain)
on Mar 07, 2009 at 01:19 UTC ( #748998=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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I am in the process of getting to grips with wxPerl. And of course the documentation is fairly spread out, the examples don't all work first time and it has its eccentricities, but I quite like it. It has allowed me to put together a nice looking screen in very little time. I'm using Komodo 5.03 as the IDE, and I've just started using wxGlade to give it a kick start. wxGlade (free) is the business! However I've also downloaded wxDesigner, but you have to pay to get anything at all. I can't get the evaluation to work, it says it has sample templates which you can modify, but not that I can see. Does anyone have anyexperience of this, or shall I just stick to wxGlade and Komodo?

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Re: Has anyone used wxGlade or wxDesigner to generate code
by dirving (Friar) on Mar 07, 2009 at 08:51 UTC

    I tried wxGlade briefly, but to me it was more annoying than just coding what I wanted by hand -- especially since in Perl it's easy to throw together a bunch of small classes that wrap the base Wx libraries and give you a nice interface that does what you want.

    For working examples, consider checking out Wx::Demo. It gives you running examples of every class in wxPerl, and the source code is just a click away.

    For documentation, all you really need to look at is the C++ Wx reference. Once you learn the few conventions for converting the C++ to Perl you're all set, and when there are any Perl-specific quirks they're noted right in the same reference.

    -- David Irving
      Once you learn the few conventions for converting the C++ to Perl you're all set ...

      And therein lies my problem. Being fairly familiar with Perl Tk, I find the Wx Perl examples awkward (especially the new package declaration for each widget - arrrgh). I want to like Wx, I even bought the book, but whenever I try to learn it my brain fogs up, my eyes glaze over, and I go back to Tk.

      The Wx Perl documentation says, as you do, to use C++ documentation and convert to Perl. However, there are no further details and my feeble brain has not been able to get a handle on this conversion. Would you (or anyone) be so kind as to elaborate on the conversion conventions you mentioned?

      I easily installed Wx::Demo on Windows XP. Surprisingly, the documentation does not say how to actually run or invoke the demo. I would have expected at least a code snippet shown. Even better, I would have liked something like PerlWxDemo.exe to have been created. Exactly how does one "run" Wx::Demo?
        run ''; under Mac OS X you will need to run 'wxPerl -S'.
        $ wxperl_demo --help Version: 0.11 Usage: C:\perl\5.10.1\bin/wxperl_demo.bat --help this help --show ??? showing the particular Demo --list list all available modules
Re: Has anyone used wxGlade or wxDesigner to generate code
by mattr (Curate) on Mar 08, 2009 at 09:34 UTC
    Though I haven't used it for a while I liked wxPerl and used glade though was paranoid about code getting lost with GUI updates (IIRC it should be preserved if you keep your code in the right places..) so it is best as an early prototype, or to see how to get things done, then you can just hack yourself.

    FWIW I've often thought that it would be very useful to create a utility that provides an interactive text-based dialog with the developer to build prototypes for this. wxGlade was extremely frustrating (which is probably why people use the commercial version).

    There once was an AI system (I forget the name - something treasury I think) that used ascii art drawings to map rooms and tell the system where the bed is, etc. in order to describe the plot of a story. I've thought ascii art (or more modern) representations might be interesting ways to quickly block out GUI layouts, and (though it shouldn't be) be a lot faster than frustrating wxGlade. FWIW.

Re: Has anyone used wxGlade or wxDesigner to generate code
by Steve_BZ (Chaplain) on Mar 14, 2009 at 23:43 UTC
    Well, I think this is my last post on wxGlade. I continue to be very impressed by such a simple and free tool.

    I did experience a couple of bugs with cut and paste, but these were not serious, as I was able to edit the .wxg file (the wdGlade source file) with notepad to fix it.

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