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Re: Using the perl debugger

by planetscape (Chancellor)
on Mar 15, 2009 at 17:23 UTC ( #750754=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Using the perl debugger

Perhaps you would have better luck using Devel::ptkdb, the graphical debugger for Perl. (PM Review by busunsl; Cultured Perl: Debugging Perl with ease {tutorial}). Devel::ptkdb has a "step over" command that should do the trick.

If that does not work for you, EPIC + Eclipse should offer something similar. (How to debug Perl apps with Eclipse {tutorial}; g0n has two very nice articles: Getting started with Eclipse & EPIC and Re: Perl Editor - Eclipse EPIC - How to debug?)



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Re^2: Using the perl debugger
by almut (Canon) on Mar 15, 2009 at 17:47 UTC
    Devel::ptkdb has a "step over" command that should do the trick.

    Are you sure this isn't just a frontend to what happens when you press 'n' in the command line debugger? I.e. the usual "step over sub" ('n') vs. "step into sub / single step" ('s'). A quick check of the sources seems to confirm my suspicion...

      Actually, no, I am not 100% certain. I've not used either graphical debugger, just the CLI. I was basing my statement on an evident misreading of the content of the Devel::ptkdb tutorial, which states:

      Step in: continuing execution step by stepping inside the currently selected line of code. If the current line of code contains a function, stepping in will go inside that function.
      Step over: continuing execution over the currently selected line of code. Execution occurs unconditionally, regardless of the line's contents, and control returns to the debugger upon completion.

      As opposed to the CLI's help menu that n

      Next, steps over subs

      , not lines.

      My mistake. almut is correct.



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