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Hi All, Now, i have to use a .Net's web service to get some data.
That server provides three method ,say: getID() getNum(xxx) getName(xxx)
The "getNum" method needs a parameter xxx which is a XML format. I use the module: SOAP::Lite;
my $soap = SOAP::Lite ->uri('') ->on_action(sub{sprintf "%s/%s",@_}) ->proxy('http://xxx/a.asmx'); my $result = $soap->getID(); #It works
# my $str = <<"XML"; <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?> <node> <nid>10</nid> </node> XML my $result = $soap->getNum($str); #It doesn't work --update
Why the "getNum" method can't work. because of the XML's parameter format only? Pls give me a hand.Thanks.