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Re: Re (tilly) 1: (Golf) Ordered Combinations

by MeowChow (Vicar)
on Apr 25, 2001 at 07:20 UTC ( [id://75363] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re (tilly) 1: (Golf) Ordered Combinations
in thread (Golf) Ordered Combinations

(Note: I handle the case of $n=0 correctly. The solution that you started with does not...)

I can't slip anything past you, can I? :-)

               s aamecha.s a..a\u$&owag.print

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Re^2: Re (tilly) 1: (Golf) Ordered Combinations
by Anonymous Monk on Jan 25, 2007 at 16:26 UTC
    Is there any way to print these results to a file?