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Re: perl callable from bash?

by ig (Vicar)
on Apr 13, 2009 at 01:20 UTC ( #757141=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to perl callable from bash?

Maybe your scripts (firstscript and secondscript) have <CR><LF> line terminations instead of the usual (on unix) <LF> line termination. That might explain the first of your error messages. The second error message, beginning without an opening single quote and with the text ".links" is a bit more puzzling.

One way to see what your line terminations are is to use the "od" command. For example, in the following, each line ends with "\r\n".

$ od -c test.html 0000000 < h t m l > \r \n < h e a d > \r \ +n 0000020 < t i t l e > t e s t < / t i +t 0000040 l e > \r \n < / h e a d > \r \n < +b 0000060 o d y > \r \n T h i s i s s +o 0000100 m e " t e x t " i n t h +e 0000120 b o d y . \r \n < / b o d y > \ +r 0000140 \n < / h t m l > \r \n 0000152

After converting the line endings, it appears as follows:

$ od -c test.html 0000000 < h t m l > \n < h e a d > \n < +t 0000020 i t l e > t e s t < / t i t l +e 0000040 > \n < / h e a d > \n < b o d y +> 0000060 \n T h i s i s s o m e " +t 0000100 e x t " i n t h e b o d +y 0000120 . \n < / b o d y > \n < / h t m +l 0000140 > \n 0000142

Now the lines end with "\n" only.

Depending on your unix installation, you may have a command "dos2unix". I used the vim editor. You might also be able to use the "tr" command as "tr -d '\r' <file.old >"

How did you create your perl script files?

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Re^2: perl callable from bash?
by hsmyers (Canon) on Apr 13, 2009 at 03:06 UTC
    Normally I'd use Emacs, but since the target is down I'm using EditPlus2 which can switch hit. Also using Cygwin to emulate the real environment. Don't think I mentioned it, but both scripts run fine from the command line. Just not in the shell script.


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