As some of you know, you can add &displaytype=raw to certain node URL's to display them without the the surrounding Monastic elements (e.g. Nodelets, banners, links, etc.). Consider, for example, Newest Nodes.

This works with the other main category nodes. For example:

It even works with certain other nodes, such as:

However, when you try this with most other nodes, such as Perl FAQ, Outside Links, or even a content node, you get errors along these lines:

Software error:
No default pages loaded. Failed on page request for 7 raw

The number preceding "raw" changes from time to time, but the error message is consistent.

I suspect, that only certain node types support &displaytype=raw (or, more perhaps more accurately: &displaytype=raw only supports certain node types).

If we could extend those types to include all nodes (or see why the error is generated for other node types), it might provide a convenient way to implement some of the ideas expressed in this thread, as well as the periodic requests for a "Print This (Node|Thread)" feature.

Thoughts? Feedback?