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Re: Git vs Hg or GitHub vs Bitbucket for Perl projects

by ggvaidya (Pilgrim)
on Apr 27, 2009 at 04:37 UTC ( [id://760254]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Git vs Hg or GitHub vs Bitbucket for Perl projects

I really haven't experimented with anything but Git yet, and that's because:

  • git-svn works really nicely, so it fairly easy to work in Git with $WORK's svn server.
  • GitHub is brilliant. The UI is really nice and really helps explain Git's branching system of commits to people new to branching repositories.
  • Having code I want to poke around with already up on GitHub is very convenient. Apart from Rakudo and perl6-examples, Test-More and Email-Sender are already there, and ripe for the branching.

My only complaint: unlike SVN, TortoiseGit isn't good enough for non-programmer usage just yet. The Windows Git GUI is much better, but with TortoiseSVN my non-programming workmates immediately understood how it worked. Git, with all its local/remote branching and whatnot, is a whole lot more complicated. Still, easy branching is an advantage hard to overlook, so I'll stick with Git and GitHub for now.

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