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I'm no expert, but after reading perllocale it seems that checking the LANG environmetal variable might relevant to your issue... It is possible to override the language selection of a locale after the fact within many Unix systems. Sometimes I've seen an LC_LANG variable as well, or NLS_LANG (I think Oracle uses NLS_ variables for instance)

Might you examine your %ENV{} in the running Perl program and report back the LC_ variables? And anything that contains lang? These usually are locale related if my memory serves.

Here's some quick code that might work -- reply back with the output if your still 'bugged' by the sort order and I'll be happy to take a closer look. I know Spanish (Madrid, Spain) somewhat well and understand what your trying to achieve.

foreach my $env (keys %ENV){ if($env =~ /^LC_/i || $env =~ /lang/i){ print "$env => $ENV{$env}\n"; } }

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