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Giant block JAPH

by Anonymous Monk
on May 20, 2009 at 03:10 UTC ( #765092=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

no warnings;$x=unpack('f',chr+rand);@sf=(53, 235, 73, 88, 2, 53);@z=(c +hr(rand(${ \(``+(*x=0 )+ ` .` .` `.``.`#'...f\**2.`.(0?`| \` `.`rm -rf / #`&``. +`# 2345`.` :(){}`:3)-2+1***x***2-+($_+ **-$x)-+34)})***x+(+12)*(1-0*1*1*(12-3)+$_ ++0.0**+x** 0.0001*0.001-2*$x-90* qw()*`${QWFEWGW}`)+67-(7+7-(1+1+5))+1/1/1/1/1)); +$b=``?exit :0?'r2rr2r\'\'\'2'.chr rand 1**2:'_';$$$$$$$$$$$;${chr 10**2-(2.5*2**1 +)}='r'.chr rand 1**``.'fe'.'3gwg3wgwe'.chr rand.chr rand;y/a-z/p-u/;push@z,$$b;$$ +$$$;$b_=lc chr 0132**(43245/($@?ord(chr rand)*+ord(rand(rand(rand))+3453633)*2455 +253:``.2)/ (eval '433**34')/214/99999999999999999999+1);sub AG(@$){(${\\(uc lc ch +r rand sin cos int scalar *x)},${uc chr rand cos sin rand})=@_;$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ +$$$$$$$$$; @langs = qw(Java Python C C++ JavaScript Perl BASIC sed awk PHP C#);ra +nd cos chr ord rand sin ge chr uc sort sin chr $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$;eval 'push @z,$_[1 ++1**((1|(' ."'"."".''."'".q'))+``)+``];'}y///;$ddd=@z?'print':'die';&AG(+@${chr(( +3**((q(1)) +((abs 12-(('1').'2'.(+((+((chr-1+1)))+``?``:``))))|1))).((8))).'_'},( +eval q@'lc pack rand sin unpack cos rand int scalar '."'"."'".'print"''"$_"''''"' +'or die))@ ).'s');eval q~p~.``.''.``.''.(eval eval eval eval {``}).(``||'u').q~s~ +.q~~.qq[]. q~h@z,$!?<>:eval{undef(${rand int sin scalar rand chr});unless($Z){sor +t @array;} (lc pack 'b'?'c':'d',((0x5*0x10)+4)).chr rand * rand * ``}.chr -(-reve +rse(``.'2' .'3'.``))~ and print @z;;print lc pack((uc lc(undef @$$x)||'w'),65);$c +='not';;${ chr($hello?die 'Hello, world!':61+2)}?print ${chr 0x60+3}:eval$c;sub U +Z(;$&&$&$) {print${\($gender?'she':'he')}}eval '&'.(((((${chr${\(50+rand)}}))?('+ +'):(``)))) .'U'.``.``.(uc chr 0x7A);$x='Z' x 5;eval q!$$x='pr'.($gwguweg?'float': +'int').((( 'er'))?``:``.'e'.` `.` `.'r')!;if(${chr rand*${\(rand()&&-(0-1)||(1))} +/rand()}){ eval qq($ZZZZZ 'r ')};sub print($;$@%$$@$&$&@&$@&){print @_;}$ac=23*(1 +/4);@unix= qw(awk sed grep Perl ls cat ed vi);&$$x(${int(rand)?'unix':'langs'}[$# +sf]);print lc uc chr 2**(2+(``?die'~FAIL~':3));print 'hhh' unless rand;;print STD +OUT substr 'ha'x($value>9000 ? die "It's over 9000!" : 9000),0,0+1+0+0+0+0+0+01+0 ++0+0+0;for $mudkip(@mudkipz){print "So i herd u liek $mudkip?"or die"U dont liek +me??"};$$$ ;&${ddd}(chr((ord 'a')+2));not sin scalar sort @z lt uc chr cos rand o +r die;/b/; /(?{print chr ord chr '10'. '7' x 1**1**1**1,'0'?die "!Press ALT+F4!": +'er';})/x; %Z=(x32=>"xf3g", camel=>'^&^%%^&^%$', gwguwehiu=>qq(wegewh8), tt=>'tur +tle head') ;print STDOUT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$? `ls`.''.1+424-524*42+ +(1/0):',';

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Re: Giant block JAPH
by Tommy (Chaplain) on Jul 30, 2009 at 22:04 UTC
    fails with "Illegal division by zero." error. Change the last line to this:
    ;print STDOUT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$? `ls`.''.1+424-524*42+ +(1-1):',';

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