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YAPC::EU::2009 Newsletter #7 - Current stats, Further Sponsors, Send-A-Newbie and more

by cog (Parson)
on Jun 30, 2009 at 14:45 UTC ( #776052=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Greetings, and welcome to the seventh YAPC::EU::2009 newsletter.

In this issue:

  • current stats
  • further sponsors
  • send-a-newbie updates
  • other things we're working on

Current Stats

We're now at 230 confirmed attendees.
Several people have registered to the different training courses (there are still some seats left) and the partner program currently has a group of 9 people (not counting the guides), and several inquiries from other interested people (yes, you can still register for the partner program).
It's going to be an amazing conference.

Further sponsors

To the ranks of, logicLAB, SAPO, Eurotux, log, Caixa Mágica, Best Practical, FCUL, Active State, TAP, O'Reilly, Apress, Onyx Neon Press, $foo magazine, The Perl Review and o3 magazine, the following now also get on board:

Send-a-newbie updates

All the candidates were asked to answer a set of questions in order to help the jury select the lucky ones who will be attending this YAPC::EU.
The answers were given and the jury is now working their way through them. We can tell you that some of the replies were really impressive.
The selected candidates should be announced pretty soon.
Send-a-Newbie is currently at 1,745 euros. You can still help.

What we're working on

We're working on several things. Here are some headlines:

  • conference dinner - this year's conference dinner will be sponsored by; we're taking care of the arrangements.
  • coffee breaks - we're also working on these ones.
  • conference proceedings - a number of speakers have written articles for the conference proceedings and we're now working on them.
  • conference tshirts - we're working closely with a clothing company to make the conference tshirts.
  • auction - this year we'll have two separate auctions: the silent one, with all the books, t-shirts and other cool things, and the live auction, with all the crazy stuff.
  • several other things.

That's all for this newsletter, but you can count on further updates pretty soon.
Feel free to contact us at for anything
conference related.
See you at the next newsletter,
the organizers

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