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I stand up (fundamental vascular decompression)
[bar] 48/5%
I walk away (mental decompression)
[bar] 156/17%
I leave work (attitudinal decompression)
[bar] 63/7%
I drive home (cylinder compressions)
[bar] 57/6%
listening to music (audio decompression)
[bar] 52/6%
watching TV (visual impressions)
[bar] 8/1%
waking up (diurnal recompression)
[bar] 70/8%
driving to work (schedule recompression)
[bar] 10/1%
in meetings (sudden pressures)
[bar] 10/1%
when I'm taking a shower (fluid compression)
[bar] 179/19%
lying drunk in a field (inhibition compression)
[bar] 105/11%
I'm doing something else
[bar] 162/18%
920 total votes

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